lady finger cookies

lady finger cookiesOne of the most fun parts of baking is trying out clever holiday themed recipes for each season, and Halloween is certainly not an exception. Martha Stewart Magazine has a great recipe for creepy looking lady finger cookies (complete with …

Creepy Lady Finger Cookies


jack-nightmare-before-christmas-14506235-1280-800Halloween may be the scariest holiday of the year but that doesn’t mean that every kid has the same tolerance level when it comes to watching creepy movies. has a list of the 19 best Halloween movies that kids …

Family Friendly Halloween Movies

halloween without candy

halloween without candyWhile sweets can be good in moderation, the sheer amount of Halloween candy children receive every year poses a serious threat to their overall health. 100 Days of Real Food have come up with a great list of Halloween alternatives …

A Healthier Way to Trick-or-Treat

horizontal pumpkin

pumpkin verticalWhen it comes to Halloween, candy is often only a small part of why kids get so excited. A huge part of the fun is getting dressed up and creating cool and spooky jack o’lanterns, which are activities parents can …

Pumpkin Carving and Decorating Ideas


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Professional Organizer Eleni Kakoyianni shows new moms how to organize their nursery in a way that is both practical and stylish.

Guest Expert

Eleni Kakoyianni, Professional Organizer

Baskets by NeatFreak

Organizing Your Nursery


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Parenting Blogger and ‘Multiple Mayhem Mamma’ Samantha Kemp-Jackson shares some tips on how to help new mothers make the most of first time parenting.

Guest Expert

Samantha Kemp-Jackson, Parenting Blogger…

New Mom Tips


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Professional Organizer Hellen Buttigieg demonstrates the best way to organize a diaper bag that’s both baby and mom friendly.

Guest Expert

Hellen Buttigieg, Professional Organizer…

Organizing Your Baby Bag


hal2The weather may be getting colder but luckily for us that’s not the only thing that’s different. Now that fall is finally here, it’s the perfect time of year to take the family on a road-trip to see the leaves …

Ontario Fall Colours Road Trip Ideas


LFCDG-logo2013There are a lot of great things that come with the cooler temperatures this fall and being able to go for long walks with your pet without either of you suffering from heat stroke is definitely one of them.

That’s …

Purina Walk for Dog Guides


tissue-paper-leafThe kids may be back to school but they still need something fun to occupy their time on the weekends and we’ve found a perfect collection of seasonal arts and crafts for them to make. All Kids Network features a …

Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

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Dressing when pregnant can be challenging and in this segment, stylist Afiya Francisco has some tips to help new and soon-to-be moms dress both stylishly and comfortably during all three trimesters and beyond.

Guest Expert

Afiya Francisco, …

Maternity Wear

Child illustration

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No need to fight with your kids in the morning about what they’re going to wear for the day. In this segment we show you how to make them excited about deciding what to wear the night before.…

Dressing Kids in the Morning

cat and dog sleeping together

Guest Expert

Stacy Lynn Fernandes, Pet Nutritionist, PawsWay – Follow Stacy on Twitter @StacyLF3


Pet Trivia


Guest Expert

Debbie Reynolds, dog behaviour therapist, from Life’s Ruff training centre, shows us some tricks we can use to help our dog’s behave in a work environment.…

Pets at Work


soccerheaderIf  you’re excited about the FIFA World Cup and your entire family is watching, then your kids are going to love doing soccer themed crafts…and it’s ok to admit if you like doing them too. The smart people at Spoonful …

Soccer Themed Crafts

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Guest Expert – Stacy Lynn Fernandes, Pet Nutritionist, PawsWay


Pet Health


We all appreciate our mothers but rarely can we articulate it in such a moving way. While collecting his first Most Valuable Player award, NBA Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant, delivered a powerful speech, thanking his mother for all …

Mother’s Day MVP