Segment Description: Tina O’Connor, author of ‘Be that Kinky Girl‘ shows us how to spice up our love lives. Guest Expert: Tina O’Connor, Be That Books   Blind Dessert – Feed your partner bite sized items while they remain blindfolded – by creating an element of surprise, your partner must give up their control and… Read More

How to Spice Up Your Relationship


Segment Description: Fitness Expert Sonia Jhas shows us some pre-natal workouts that are perfect for moms-to-be! Guest Expert: Sonia Jhas, Get Fit with Sonia Additional Exercises to do with a Partner: 1. Pregnancy Squat – place feet hip width apart with toes facing forward – hold partner’s forearms as you squat down – keep weight… Read More

Prenatal Fitness

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 12.13.42 PM

Segment Description: Tina O’Connor, author of ‘Be That Mom’, shows us how to keep our families balanced so everyone is pulling their own weight around the house. Guest Expert: Tina O’Connor, Author and Founder of Be That Books Publishing More Info about ‘Be That Mom’: ‘Be That Mom™’ (Ignite your passions, Organize your Life & Embrace… Read More

Mom Advice

easter eggs

When the average person thinks about Easter, they picture children searching for chocolate, which is a bit funny considering Easter is supposed to be a religious holiday celebrating the ascension of Jesus Christ. So what do the two have in common? Why do we celebrate the day Jesus rose from the dead by having a… Read More

The Origins of the Easter Bunny

Smiling baby after shower

Taylor Swift might sing about never going out of style, but that’s only because she’s lucky enough to have a popular first name. Good Housekeeping Magazine put together a list of the 13 baby names on the verge of going extinct and some of them might surprise you. If you do happen to know a… Read More

Baby Names that are Going out of Style

Lovely dog of Dogue De Bordeaux breed is Sleeping in the Bed

Segment Description In this week’s Purina Pet Pics, we take a look at some adorable pets who love to get comfy. Sponsor Information Purina

Comfy Pet Pics

cat after makeover

Segment Description: In this week’s Purina Pet Pics, we take a look at some incredible before and after pictures of cats and dogs who’ve been pampered by Eve and her team at the Spaw Boutique in Toronto. Sponsor: Purina

Purina Pet Pics – Pet Makeover

still transition pet food

Segment Description: Pet Nutrition Expert Stacy Lynn Fernandes shows us how to successfully transition our pet’s food in a way that keeps them healthy and happy. Guest Expert: Stacy Lynn Fernandes, Purina PawsWay

Transitioning Your Pet’s Food


If you’re one of the many women who feel stumped when it comes to romance and dating, we’ve found the perfect resource for you! Cosmopolitan has put together an incredibly detailed list of tips and tricks to help you flirt with AND get a date with the guy of your dreams. Whether you bump into him at… Read More

The Art of Shameless Seduction


Segment Description: Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert Stacey Gorlicky answers our viewer questions about their love lives on this week’s Advice Desk. Guest Expert: Stacey Gorlicky, lovenlife

Romance Advice Desk

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 6.57.23 AM

Segment Description Think you know about pet nutrition? Well take the test to find out. Pet Nutrition expert Stacy Lynn Fernandes gives us the scoop on pet food. Guest Expert Stacy Lynn Fernandes, Pet Nutrition Expert Location Purina PawsWay,      

Pet Nutrition Myth Busters


Segment Description In this week’s Purina Pet Pics, we’re showing off some festive cats and dogs who are ready for holiday fun! Sponsor Info Purina Rebecca’s Wardrobe

Holiday Pet Pics

pet pics featured image

Segment Description In this week’s Purina Pet Pics, we’re shining the spotlight on some dogs who love getting active just as much as their owners! Sponsor Purina

Active Pet Pics

seeing eye dog

Segment Description In this week’s Purina Pet Pics, we’re featuring dogs who have graduated from various dog guide training programs. Sponsors Purina and the Lions Foundation of Canada

Guide Dog Pet Pics


Segment Description Natalie Moncur from Dog Guides Canada talks to us about how their joint program with the Lions Foundation of Canada works to train dogs who are able to help people with every type of disability in need of assistance. Guest Expert Natalie Moncur, Dog Guides Canada/Lions Foundation

Guide Dogs


Segment Description HGTV host Bryan Baeumler talks about his “BFF” Foundation and how he aims to provide accessibility for children everywhere. Guest Expert Bryan Baeumler, BFF Foundation

Bryan Baeumler BFF Foundation


Segment Description Mary Siemiesz from PawsWay talks to us about the Purina Hall of Fame, while Jason Guindon shows us what made his incredible dog K’OS 2011’s Heroic Pet. Guest Expert Mary Siemisz from Purina PawsWay

Heroic Pet Story

Kyra - medal

Segment Description In this week’s Purina Pet Pics, we feature some amazingly heroic cats and dogs who have done incredible things to save their owners. Sponsors Purina and the Purina PawsWay Centre

Purina Pet Pics – Heroic Pets